Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When the Earth Trembles!

This morning the Heavy Earthmoving Equipment and big Roller re-commenced work for the next phase of the construction of the nearby carpark.  Sure enough, Dusty sensed the earth trembling and started to stress.  I quickly got his Thundershirt and put it on firmly to comfort him (actually it is a very firm fit now because he badly needs clipping and it is surprising how much tighter the Thundershirt is now with the longer wool underneath).
Once again I was very satisfied with the results as he quickly calmed down and relaxed back into being his normal self.
The poor little fellow has been so patient over the past four days and has literally spent hours and hours on the bed beside me as I fought off some virus, so now it is my turn to give him whatever comfort I can.  Dogs are such loyal and faithful companions and sense when we are not well, so I am very appreciative of my Dog and his Thundershirt.  

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