Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thundershirt passes Fireworks Test!

Time for an update on the results achieved using a Thundershirt to quell Dusty's anxiety, as mentioned previously in an earlier Post.  Now that the heavy earthmoving equipment has ceased working for the time being, Dusty has been calm and relaxed without having to wear his Thundershirt.  

Dusty wearing his Thundershirt to calm his anxiety

When I read that we were to have three consecutive night's of local Fireworks, I made a mental note to be prepared and put his Thundershirt on in readiness.  Friday night arrived and I forgot!  I was sitting at the computer when the first "Bangs" went off.  Dusty jumped up and was scared and frightened, so I quickly put his Thundershirt on, making sure it was fitted snuggly, and he soon calmed down then got back into his chair and went to sleep.

On the following two nights, I was prepared and got his Thundershirt on before the Fireworks commenced.  He stayed calm and didn't even take any notice of them, so I was pleased with the results and feel that the Thundershirt was a good investment.

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  1. The fireworks were a good test of the Thundershirt Gladys; it seems to have passed with flying colours. Terrified dogs are no fun, not for the dog in question, the owner or others close by.

    Over Easter my neighbours left their little dog alone all day, each day and late into the night. The poor little thing barked for hours on end, and especially at night when the slightest sound sets it off.

    It's fine for the owners, they're not here to hear the distress, nor do they have to listen to the endless barking that drives us all to distraction. Perhaps a Thundershirt would help calm the little mite.

    Welcome to the world of blogging Gladys, I'm sure you'll find much to occasionally write about (clever name for your blog, by the way).

    Best wishes from Keith