Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Up for an early start to load the big twin pram with catalogues ready for my letter box deliveries, but one tyre was as flat as a pancake!  Removed a spiky Caltrop Burr from the tyre, pumped it up in hope, but it didn't even last 2 minutes.  No choice but to use a smaller single pram, chose the stronger of the two I have and loaded up.  Although it has no brakes, it was OK today, but on a windy day it would be off with Mary Poppins! 
Dusty had to walk which slows me down as he likes to smell the grass and water the trees.... Put him in the pram as soon as there was room behind the load.
Dusty in the Navigator's Seat!

On a brighter note, it was lovely to see two Straw-necked Ibis searching for worms near the roadside. Haven't seen any of these large birds for some time now.
Two Straw-necked Ibis searching for worms.

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